General Information


ACC Volunteers Needed

   Not sure what ACC stands for and what would be involved? It stands for Architectural Control Committee (ACC), and this committee assists the Board in monitoring the neighborhood for areas that are out of compliance with the GMOA ACC Rules & Standards. 

   If you have an interest in participating on the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), please notify the Board through the "Drop us a line!" link on the home page or mail a letter to: GMOA, P.O. Box 2855, Hayden, ID 83835.

   So even if you're not interested in volunteering, we would recommend you check out the ACC Rules & Standards page on this website and familiarize yourself and help by keeping your property in compliance.

Parking Reminders

  This is a residential neighborhood and it's important for safety and aesthetics, that yards and homes are maintained. However, we seem to have a continual issue with improper parking of large work type vehicles, as well as recreational items such as trailers and boats. Besides needing to abide by the ACC Rules & Standards for GMOA, the City of Hayden can also ticket.

  In addition, vehicles which have been abandoned, wrecked, are unused and/or disabled or junk are prohibited within the subdivision. They do not belong parked in backyards, this is not a salvage junk yard. If it's necessary to store an unused or disabled vehicle on your property an acceptable place to do so is inside your garage or off-site.

1. No recreational vehicles, boats, campers, or trucks larger than a standard pickup truck shall be parked or stored on a public right of way within Grouse Meadows.

2. Parking in the swale or on a lot’s front yard is prohibited. You can park vehicles on to the edge of the swale but no more than 1-2 feet. 

3. No commercial vehicles over 2 tons may be parked overnight in the Grouse Meadows subdivision. 

4. Personal vehicles must not interfere with the movement of traffic on the public right of way, and shall not be parked in an unsightly manner. 

5. Vehicles parked in driveways shall not obstruct the sidewalk.

North Kootenai Water Update

  Fire hydrants near your home must have a 3 foot clearance and must not be obstructed from road view.  Valuable time is lost, if the responding Fire Department has to take time to locate or access the hydrant.

  Meter lids should also not be obstructed.  If either the fire hydrants  or water meters are found to be obstructed by trees or shrubs, they may be trimmed.  If so, they will be trimmed for access, not for the aesthetic appearance. 

Citylink at Grouse Meadows' Doorstep!

  You may have noticed the Citylink stop sign at the entrance of Cardinal on Ramsey. This stop is on the Urban Green loop "C". This loop takes you all the way down to Sherman Avenue in downtown Coeur d'Alene and back up to Honeysuckle. Below is the link to the website with the current map and loop schedule. Remember you can also take your bike along for the ride to get around once you get where you're going using Citylink!

  Citylink "C" route now serves Grouse Meadows, but in alternating directions. The dark green line on the schedule (found on the link below) passes south along Ramsey Road on the way down from Walmart. The next time around, the bus passes northwards along Ramsey Road on the light green circuit.

  The pattern is repeated throughout the day, which is why there is a bus stop on both sides of the street. Passengers wanting to travel down Ramsey towards Riverstone ought to wait across the street for the fastest transit time, whereas passengers wanting to travel along Government Way would do better staying on the Grouse Meadows side for less travel time. 

  Northbound customers should use the time listed in the Mineral/Wilbur column, and southbound customers should use the time listed in the Honeysuckle/Davis column.