Architectural Control Committee (ACC)


A Refresher on the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Our Owners Association was “formed to provide for the organization,maintenance and management of the subdivision”.  The  Grouse Meadows Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s),  establishes an Architectural Control Committee responsible for oversight of properties in Grouse Meadows.  The ACC’s purpose is to  maintain reasonable conformity and harmony of external design with  neighboring improvements, and to ensure neighboring lots are not negatively impacted. The overall goal is to maintain and  improve property values throughout the subdivision, providing an attractive, inviting residential development.

  A  homeowner wishing to make any proposed construction, alteration,  modification, removal or destruction of any improvements within the  subdivision, must submit a written application to the ACC including, but  not limited to, building plans, site plans, and landscape plans. Prior  to commencing construction, alterations, etc., the homeowner must have  received express written approval of the plans from the ACC. Following  written approval by the ACC, the ACC may inspect all work in progress  on any lot at any time to determine that the work is proceeding in accordance with the approved application.

  As provided by the CC&R’s,  the ACC will identify conditions or activities on Grouse Meadows properties which violate the CC&R’s, or constitute a public nuisance, and take necessary action to correct the problem. Initial  action will be a written notice to the homeowner advising them of the infraction, and allowing them the opportunity to come into compliance. Possible violations of the CC & R’s should be reported to the ACC in writing for consideration.

Homeowners are encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with the  GMOA governing documents which are available on this website.

Considerations for New Accessory Structures

  • Structures 200 sq ft or larger require a building permit
  • Maximum size allowed in residential zone is 1500 sq ft
  • No more than 35% of the entire property can be covered by all structures
  • Minimum 5 ft set back from side and rear of property line
  • Remember to complete and submit ACC Application for Modification form to Board prior to project for approval 

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and Board Actions Process for Non-Compliance

  When a home is noted as being in violation of proper maintenance in accordance with the CC&R's or ACC Rules & Standards, the following action is taken:

1. Owner/Occupant is notified of the specific violation and requested to correct within fourteen (14) days.

 2.   If the lot is still in violation after the initial period,  owner/occupant are again noticed of correction needed within next  fourteeen (14) days, and notifying them a fine of $50.00 will be  assessed upon the fifteenth (15th) day following the second notice.

3. If violation still remains, the owners' account is assessed $50.00  which is due and payable immediately.  If the fee remains unpaid thirty  (30) days past the due date of the notice, a $10.00 late fee will be  assessed with an additional $10.00 late fee being applied each month  thereafter until all fees are completely paid-in-full.

Please refer to this section within the CC&R's for further review and detail. 

Architectural Control Committee Documents & Forms

GMOA ACC Rules & Standards



ACC Application for Modification

ACC_Application_for_Modification (PDF)