Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.

Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.

Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.

A site for home owners' and renters to stay informed and aware as a community.

About Us


Welcome to the neighborhood!

The Grouse Meadows neighborhood is made up of 220 homes and is located in a very convenient spot. Lot sizes are larger than most in the area, running from a quarter to over a half an acre.  You can find convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, a wide variety of shops, gas stations, urgent clinics, veterinarian, dentist, coffee shops, library and a post office all within a mile and half. There is a medical center within 4 miles, multiple elementary, middle and high schools within a 3 mile radius.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

2020 Annual Dues Mailed Out

  You should have received your 2020 annual dues bill with a due date of 4/18/2020. There is a 10-day grace period, but any payments with a postmark of 5/1st or later will receive a $10.00 late fee and monthly thereafter until paid-in-full.

  If paying in full is not possible by the due date, please contact us and arrange a payment plan which prevents any late fees from accruing on your account. 208-762-2632   

Updating GMOA Owner Records and Get Communications via Email

   We're taking the next step to reduce the GMOA administrative costs associated with mailing supplies, printing, and stamps used for: 1) newsletters, 2) ACC notices, 3) billings, and 4) responses to owners. This also provides the Board a more timely and efficient way to communicate with owners'. 

  If you are willing to receive the above noted items via email, instead of printed/mailed copies, please send an email to and your request will be recorded. We would also appreciate if you would include the best contact telephone number for your account.  

   We thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance with this goal.

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Your Board of Directors

 Jeanne Kelso - President (2020)

Heidi Martin - Vice President (2020-2021)

Garry Newman - Board (2018-2020)

Lisa Knox - Treasurer/Sec (2019-2020)

Erin Hoffman - Board (2020-2022)

Grouse Meadows Owners' Association Inc.

P. O. Box 2855, Hayden, ID 83835

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