Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.

Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.

Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.Grouse Meadows Owners' Association, Inc.

A site for home owners' and renters to stay informed and aware as a community.

About Us

Welcome to the neighborhood!


The Grouse Meadows neighborhood is made up of 220 homes and is located in a very convenient spot. Lot sizes are larger than most in the area, running from a quarter to over a half an acre.  You can find convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, a wide variety of shops, gas stations, urgent clinics, veterinarian, dentist, coffee shops, library and a post office all within a mile and half. There is a medical center within 4 miles, multiple elementary, middle and high schools within a 3 mile radius.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


* It's that time of year again *

   The City of Hayden begins plowing when there is 3 inches of new snow.  The first priority is the clearing of the main roads of Government Way and Ramsey Road to support traffic and emergency vehicles travel. Then they begin clearing other major roads working their way into the residential areas.

   REMEMBER TO MOVE YOUR VEHICLE AND BASKETBALL HOOPS FROM THE STREET when there has been a minimum of 3 inches of snow to allow the snow plows to properly keep the neighborhood streets clear, and prevent damage to personal property.  

   Also it is the property owners' responsibility to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice during the winter season.  Let's remember our neighbors that may be in need of help in keeping their sidewalks clear this winter too.

Updating GMOA Owner Records

Need Owners' help with their contact information

   In the near future, the Board has a goal to provide owners' an option to receive annual dues invoice, newsletters, or other owner communications via email. This would not only provide the Board a more timely and efficient way to communicate with owners', but also in helping GMOA reduce our costs in printing and postage.

   Initially, we are working on getting owner accounts updated as complete as possible. We will continue to use physical mailings for all items, and use the email and telephone numbers solely as a back-up means of communication for annual fee due date reminders. 

   We would like to request owners' use the "Drop Us a Line" link at the bottom of this page to notify us of the following items for your owner account record to be updated:

      1) Primary email address; and,

      2) Primary telephone number.

   We thank you in advance for your assistance with this goal.

Contact Us

Your Board of Directors

 Jeanne Kelso - President (2020)

Garry Newman - Board (2018-2020)

Lisa Knox - Treasurer/Sec (2019-2020)

Heidi Martin - Board (2020-2021)

Erin Hoffman - Board (2020-2022)

Grouse Meadows Owners' Association Inc.

P. O. Box 2855, Hayden, ID 83835

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